Neon Practice

Starting to work with Neon in 2010 and its cousin plasma in 2012 as a new way to express ideas, Garry organised a group show called Electric Glass in 2012/2013 with the staff of The Pah Homestead, home of The James Wallace Arts Trust. Getting together ten artists who worked with neon as part of their practice collectively proved to be hugely popular, and was followed up by a solo show of Garry's, Neon Sign. This toured three venues and instigated several contributors of the original show to form 'The Neon Collective', who produced work together and separately for Art in the Dark 2013 and 2014 and White Night 2015, which Garry also displayed the second incarnation of his installation, 'From Chaos to Order', which was originally made for 'Neon Sign 2', a solo show at Pataka Museum of Art and Design, Porirua.